2019 - 2562


  1. Adiponectin gene rs1501299 polymorphism is associated with increased risk of anterior cruciate ligament rupture.   
    Udomsinprasert W1, Yuktanandana P2, Tanpowpong T2, Malila S3, Jiamjarasrangsi W4, Honsawek S2,3... Link

  2. A comparison between repeat discectomy versus fusion for the treatment of recurrent lumbar disc herniation: Systematic review and meta-analysis.
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  3. Cervical paraspinal muscle compartment pressure after laminoplasty: A cadaveric study.    
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  4. Opioid-Sparing Analgesia and Enhanced Recovery After Total Knee Arthroplasty Using Combined Triple Nerve Blocks With Local Infiltration Analgesia.
    Kampitak W1, Tanavalee A2, Ngarmukos S2, Amarase C2. J Arthroplasty. 2019 Feb;34(2):295-302. doi: 10.1016/j.arth.2018.10.009. Epub 2018 Oct 13. .. Link
  5. Do-It-Yourself Microsuture from Human Hair for Basic Microsurgical Training.
    Pobe Luangjarmekorn, MD,  MS1 Pravit Kitidumrongsook,  MD1 Sittisak Honsawek, MD, PhD2 .J Reconstr Microsurg 2019;35:315–321. Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery Vol. 35 No. 5/2019 .. Link

  6. The Modified Robert Jones Bandage Does Not Improve Performance or Functional Outcome after Total Knee Arthroplasty: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Pornrattanamaneewong C., Ruangsomboon P., Nakkbunnam R., Chareancholvanich K., Wilairatana V.   J Med Assoc Thai 2019 ; 102 (3) : 355-60.